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About Me - Agile Life

I have over 6.5 years of work experience. I was an engineer in the first year, after that, I am mainly focusing on the project and product management in the last 4 years.

“I love the challenge of mastering new things.”

I am a travel addict, and an Agile lover as well. I have been over 20 countries (Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America..). I  realize the knowledge is unlimited, life is short, I need to build skills faster and strengthen my professional experience, then I will have more time for my dear family.

Check out Jessie’s side project to see how to make the world a better!

Job & Education Journey

Ubiquiti Inc. (Internation Remote PM)

2021.6-present Project Manager
- Responsible for managing OS release and Design System
- Responsible for meeting holding, resource arrangement, implement Agile dev process, and make a reasonable schedule
- Leading a sprint team members across 4 different time zones

Klook Inc. (Hong Kong company | Based in Shenzhen, China)

2019.9-2020.8 Scrum Manager
- Responsible for managing the Rail project’s product development and performance optimization (JR/CN/TW/KR/VN)
- Responsible for resource allocation, risk management, requirement evaluation and people management
- The project includes app-based, web-based and system-based
- Leading a sprint team of 20+ internal members

Synology (Taiwan company)

2017.2-2019.2 Product Manager
- Software project management.
- End to end product launch.
- Managing multiple projects across multiple teams simultaneously.
- Plaining new features for multimedia application(mobile and laptop).
- Creating release flow and software life cycle policy.

Ellipsiz Communications Pte Ltd (Canadian company)

2014.4-2015.5 System Engineer
- Develop programs, rules, scripts for Telecom management solutions & system integrations.

University of Wollongong in Dubai

IELTS course

National Taipei University of Technology

#Graduated top of the class
MBA degree. Business strategy. Patent analysis.

Tatung University

Bachelors of Information Management
Understanding the knowledge of programming, web development and business management.


Ubiquiti UOS

Ubiquiti UOS is the core system of product, which include setup process, portal and first time installation of other applications.

The FloorPlan is one of a new feature on Portal I was responsible, I was in charge the UX discussion, made the schedule, and monitored the release quality.  

Klook JR Pass purchase page

JR pass is one of the key products in Klook. To support the growing business, we make the page revamp on PC and mobile. The project uses the flutter framework with modular design to boost the development process, bring a big benefit for future maintains, and aim to quickly implement the modular to other projects.

⭐ Project JR Pass purchase page revamp is the first project in Klook that used the Flutter framework. 

螢幕快照 2018-07-02 下午10.51.20

Synology DSM 6.2 Global Launch

DSM is Synology’s core operating system. It experiences three beta releases, I am in charge of schedule monitor, cooperating across over 20 teams (RD/Designer/PM/MK) and marketing content preparation(banner/web page and PR) in English and Chinese.

⭐ DSM 6.2 becomes the most stable OS ever. The news is announced in Synology 2020 event.

Synology Moments

Moments is a photo management application for both PC and mobile devices,  offering a modern browsing experience with the AI technique. It can be downloaded on the App Store/Google Store and Package Center on NAS.

I am responsible for the development of the new feature of Live Photo support, and over AI technology to implement Auto adjustment (color, rotation, and brightness), and duplicate photos detection.

⭐ Synology Moments is one of the key features announced in Synology 2019 event.

Click here to see more detail

Synology bounty program

Synology Bounty Program

Synology is committed to security, with a variety of bounty programs being successfully run. Synology Bug Bounty Program invites the hacker and all of Synology user to review NAS security and provide excellent amount reward. 

I was responsible for the event propose, event promotion, 3rd party cooperation, researcher connection and web design. 

⭐  Synology Bounty Program is the one key events announced in Synology 2018 event.

⭐  It receives hundreds of validated security reports from over twenty countries.

Synology TLS / SSL Profile Chooser

A more advanced way to configure the security level profile based on different services, providing a customized solution to suit the security requirements of different networks. We have received a lot of positive feedback from Synology’s customers.

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I Love Sharing What I Know

👉 You can find me on Medium. I am willing to discuss anything about PM skill with you 🙂

Make Social Contributions via Side Project

HealYou (聊心茶室) is an online therapy service platform, founded in 2021 by four tech professionals and a licensed therapist. Many Taiwanese live under high pressure yet lack sufficient knowledge of seeking psychological counseling, causing anxiety to grow like a bubble intensified by pressure and sounds inside the mind and finally reach the brink of bursting. We aim to help people with the experience to promote their inner peace. HealYou (聊心茶室) strives to improve the counseling environment in Taiwan with the help of technology, introducing software development trends, and eventually aiming at elevating overall literacy of psychological counseling as well as lowering the bar for people to reach out for help.

To break the physical distance and close the gaps inside the mind via online psychological counseling.

Project Borderless is my first side project. The idea of Project Borderless is the combination of travel and volunteer.

Project Borderless (www.borderless.tw) will try to crawl some leading international volunteer website and provide thousands of opportunities. The user can find the most suitable one depending on the time, ability and the country.

The logo is combining the love and courage of MSF, as well as the travel experience and world exploration of Airbnb.

“You can change the world, just like you always thought you would. Even just a little bit feat.” That is the reason I create this website. No matter who you are, where you are, or which way you use to do good things.

Our goal is to make the world better with an easier way. In addition to international volunteer, we hope to realize the electronic payment donation to help those in need.

Project Borderless does not only belong to me but also being open to anyone, and I am very welcome to everyone to contribute your idea and specialty to enhance this website. For example marketing skill, language translate, UI design or even a theme song!

Let’s make the world better.

The alpha version has been released. Since Covid-19, the official release will be postponed to the end of 2020. [Pending due to Covid]

Painting Lover

In addition to work, I like to paint and love to try different styles. Painting strengthens my observation ability. Find me on Behance and OpenSea

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